The first incarnation of the "50 Ways" cover before it dropped.

The first incarnation of the "50 Ways" cover before it dropped.

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In the beginnings of the RT, we wanted to do something different. We loved doing the comics but we wanted to have more. Something of a companion to the comics that people can actually hold in their hands instead of looking at through their computer screen. That's when the team thought of an idea of cooking up fifty sketches that were released for fifty days and finally put together in one neatly packaged book.

That's where "50 Ways Of Being A Revolutionary" was born.

Originally posted on our blog and Facebook fan page back in 2010, each sketch was based on the culture of the time. From Black Panthers to Spike Lee movies, the project covered the bases on a satirical look at what it "takes" to be a revolutionary in the minds of the then young Brandon and Sean. With fresh comic cooked up just for the book, we wanted "50 Ways" to be something you'd open up and laugh every now and then like you just opened up an anthology book from Peanuts or The Boondocks.

The book itself has been available through self publish (thanks to Lulu) since its release but because of the brand new for the first time we're offering the eBook version of it as well. 


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