About The Revolution

The Words | Brandon Howard
The Visuals | Sean Anthony Mack

The goal of The Revolutionary Times is to encourage and create chaos and rebellion in a society that has been enslaved by modern propaganda. Creativity is the counter attack in the rebellion and “The Revolutionary Times” is the Atom Bomb. The Revolutionary Times calms the silent screams of the intellectual during this time of modern literature warfare… so be prepared to be entertained.

Summary of Comic
The Revolutionary Times chronicles two young revolutionaries on their journey to shake up the establishment along with their mature baby cousin. After being fed up with a corporate influenced media that has diluted the intelligence of the masses, Brandon’s Revolutionary instincts take over and they create their own newspaper that demolishes that status quo, but brings some unwanted attention to their door step. The comic follows our characters on their journey towards waking the masses and avoiding political imprisonment.



  • Age: Late 20's
  • Occupation: Leader/Illuminati Destroyer

The defacto leader of the gang. The heart and soul that brought The Revolutionary Times together. His often times militant views on the world is what has become the driving force that keeps the gang going.


  • Age: Diaper Life 
  • Occupation: Baby/Real O.G./Hustler. 

Brandon's baby cousin who was taken in by the guys once his mom disappeared somewhere in Cuba. Brass, loud, and easily the "attitude" of the group, young 'Bas does his best to let it be known about his thug passions. 



  • Age: Late 20's (Physically)/15 (Mentally)
  • Occupation: Gamehacks store clerk/Pop culture sponge

We would say that Sean is the muscle of the group that based on his addiction to burgers that'd be a lie. At best, he's the sporadic frenzy to Brandon's level headed reasoning.


  • Age: Early 30's
  • Occupation: Tech genius/Geek Squad professional 

Introduced to the group in the early days as tech behind Bas' dating reality show, Jesús has proved to be an integral member of the group since his arrival. Although much isn't known about his personal life, he has easily become a close friend and irreplaceable confident to the guys. Also has a part of a band of mysterious cousins that tend to pop up in times of need. 

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