The Comeback/A New Beginning

‏Hola. Bonjour. Hey, how's it been going.

Yup we've been gone a while but it's not our fault. Sean hit the lotto and we took a hiatus. First we got a hold of some Molly laced Girl Scout cookies, took a private jet to Bangkok and things got a little weird.

Then we went to the Sochi Olympics and Sean got to stand in for one the men's bobsledding members. Interesting enough he didn't win a medal, but we did take a selfie with Putin and quickly had to flee the country. Most of that is false but who gives a f@$k, right?

‏We're back at and our goal hasn't changed. We wanna take over your brains with funny comics and then eventually your tv. So sit back and enjoy and let's have some fun.

- Brandon

It's all entirely true, guys. The frostbite on my ass is proof enough. But, man. It took a while but here we finally are, right? An actual website for all our madness. A one-stop destination for all things revolutionary. We're still adding things to the site like character bios and whatnot, so stay tuned. Also to celebrate the return we're officially selling the "50 Ways" book as an eBook so if you ever wanted a refresher course on all things revolutionary there you go.

- Sean