Fan Art Winners!

First and foremost thanks for spreading the word about the contest. We’re amazed that people even sat down and drew characters we created in the first place. It honestly almost made us tear up just a bit. You’re all awesome for it. But so let’s get to the winners. 

FIRST PLACE - baby-prince-oppa (with assistance from MisterCakerz)

I don’t we’ve ever looked more handsome in life. Like, ever haha. Great collaboration and we loved the anime influence to everything. It makes us feel like putting on cardboard armor and reenacting scenes from Ronin Warriors

SECOND PLACE - blaxsheep

We love that you went with a comedic story approach and also we’ve always wanted to be in our own arcade game so double kudos. You actually inspired Brandon for a future comic so don’t be surprised if you get a co-writer credit in the future! 

They did an amazing job and are basically now on the list of people we gotta call to draw the comic just in case Sean gets into a freak accident. We’ll try to have more of these in the future if anybody is interested in them. Overall we think it wa a good experience. Check out the illustrations of the winners drawn by Sean below!